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"Some folks say, have always said: Lower your voice. Pull up your pants. Look respectable and you’ll get respect. Do those people not realize that our most eloquent, respectable leaders were all murdered in cold blood, all in their suits and ties? No, fuck what you think of our clothes or manner of speaking—we have a right to life."

Larry Mizell Jr. on Ferguson.  Go read it.  (via seattlish)

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walk into the club like wait nevermind can we go home


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"Marriage is like D&D. There’s no score, house rules are up to you, and only way to “win” is to tell a good story together."

Rich Burlew, author/artist of Order of the Stick (x)

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i’m gonna win for sure


i’m gonna win for sure

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Having to choose between horchata & agua de jamaica is always the hardest decision

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human nature looks GREAT on paper, but unfortunately i don’t think it can work because of communism :///

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Margaery looked very like her brother, the Knight of Flowers. The queen wondered if they had other things in common. Our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day.


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methodistcoloringbook said: as an academic research librarian i would like to say YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT WE TRY TO DO WITH INCOMING STUDENTS. 1. show them: there are sources! 2. teach them: where to find those sources! 3. let them: draw their own conclusions so hopefully, 4. they will go out and learn more themselves. the incredibly pedantic and angry "academics" up in your blog mirror the faculty behavior we are desperate to correct. it is so damaging to inquiry, especially when learned young! so, THANK YOU.


Actually, thank YOU because it’s my hope that by doing this, your job will get easier. Too many people (and some faculty as you mention) go out of their way to make this process seem impossible. Which actually does kind of lead to the whole thing where people “accuse” me of something by saying “but ANYone could do this!” And I’m like, “please DO!”

And a double thank you for continuing to try to correct that behavior…I kinda gave up on the entrenched-in-their-ways folks, cut out the middleman, and went slightly rogue. So hopefully this double-pronged approach will help shift the whole mess ever-so-slightly toward progress.

TL;DR: Dear Librarians, you are the pillars of Bibliomancy and I love you.

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